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Age Spots

Mark Testa, DO

Family Physician & Aesthetics located in Philadelphia, PA

The small, dark discolorations on your face caused by aging and sun exposure can make you feel self-conscious and less than your most beautiful. Even though age spots are medically harmless, you want a smooth, clear complexion -- and who can blame you? At the offices of board-certified family medicine physician Mark Testa, DO, in Marlton, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, you can take advantage of Icon® laser treatments to reduce the appearance of these spots and achieve glowing, more youthful skin. Schedule an appointment online or call one of the offices to learn how you can make age spots virtually disappear with laser sessions.

Age Spots Q & A

What are age spots?

Age spots, also known as liver spots or sun spots, develop when your body increases production of melanin, a skin pigment, in response to sun exposure. The melanin clumps together to form the dark spots on your skin.

The spots appear as brownish blemishes. Age spots usually develop in areas most commonly exposed to the sun, including your:

  • Arms
  • Shoulders
  • Face
  • Hands

Some age spots may look cancerous, but if Dr. Testa has examined them and believes they’re just clumps of melanin, they don’t pose harm to your health. However, cosmetically they can make you look older than you are.

What are the treatments for age spots?

The Icon laser system effectively fades and even erases pesky age spots. The light energy emitted from the laser penetrates your outer layer of skin to target and break up the melanin. The pigment absorbs the light energy and dissolves as a result.

Icon laser treatments are effective in treating other causes of discoloration, too, including rosacea and melasma. Another bonus of your treatment is rejuvenated skin. You may notice you see fewer lines and wrinkles as well as fewer age spots.

How many treatments will I need?

In most cases, it takes just a few treatments to reduce the appearance of age spots. Dr. Testa can create a complete treatment plan to help you get your desired results, so schedule a consultation today.

What is recovery like following Icon laser treatment for age spots?
Usually, no downtime is necessary following Icon treatments for age spots. Minor swelling and a sensation as if you have a sunburn are common. You may feel these effects for a day or two, but they aren’t severe enough to require changes to your work or life schedule. Do avoid scheduling age spot removal the day before a big event where you want to look your absolute best, such as a wedding or reunion.

After treatment, you should use sunscreen or stay out of the sun to prevent more age spots from developing.

If you’re ready to achieve smoother, clearer skin that’s free of age spots, call Mark Testa, DO, or schedule an appointment using the online tool.